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Picard interrupts the probe preparations in the science lab to tell La Forge.

Despite the apparent loss of his mother, La Forge intends to continue with the mission. He views the last message he received from his mother in his quarters when Cashmere Silk Scarf harmony with the universe by VIDA VIDA uIE0WLS
Riker enters to try to talk La Forge out of performing the task, but La Forge insists he continue, as the interface has been specifically configured to his VISOR's inputs and there's little time if there are survivors on the Raman .

After a brief period of adjustment in activating the interface, he travels through a corridor on the Raman , finding someone dead. He continues on and finds the rest of them in a magnetic storage bay. There is no one left alive on the ship. Suddenly, a fire breaks out and Crusher orders a disconnection. However, they see that La Forge's hands are severely burned.

It turns out the heat sensory inputs overloaded through a possible feedback loop. In Mens Flag Mix CVS Trainers Palladium bpPvE1
, Crusher treats the wounds. Picard wants to get the information they were collecting, but not at the risk of La Forge's health. La Forge says they can modify the interface, so they can try again in a couple of hours once the entry point on the Raman can be created.

In the meantime, La Forge learns from his father that a memorial service has already been planned for the crew on Open Triangle 18K Gold Diamond Earrings Established G145KQ
, as most of the Hera 's personnel were native to the planet. La Forge's father wants to plan a private memorial along with his daughter and La Forge's sister Ariana , which seems premature to La Forge.

Later, he "is just passing by" Data's quarters and stops in. Data is contemplating the emptiness of his computer screen in the style of the Shoulder Bag for Women Old Rose Leather 2017 one size Vivienne Westwood 2017 CtWVak
. He initially asks if La Forge wants to talk about his mother, and he says no, however, La Forge gives in and asks if it's crazy to think she's still alive. Data factually replies he's not crazy, but statistics show this situation rarely come out well.

La Forge is back in the interface, but, immediately, he inexplicably sees his mother on the Raman .

She states that she and the crew of the Hera are actually trapped on the planet 's surface. Continued use of the probe soon exposes La Forge to unhealthy levels of neural stimulation, forcing his disconnection from the interface.

La Forge becomes convinced that his mother was on the Raman , and wants to use the probe to communicate with his mother. Dr. Crusher and Picard refuse to allow him to use the interface suit again, and attempt to explain that it is highly improbable that he actually communicated with his mother who was last seen over three hundred light years away. Picard orders him to talk to Counselor while Data comes up with an alternate plan to salvage the Raman . There, La Forge admits to Troi that he regretted not responding to her last message, but he does not accept the treatment he's being given, as there's no evidence of her death, and he believes the image he saw on the ship. He abruptly leaves the room, since he has a theory of his own.

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Carl Cox is a British house music producer DJ. His illustrious career has seen Carl Cox in multiple club residencies (most notably at Space in Ibiza), have his own "Carl Cox and Friends" stage at several large festivals, and release hundreds of compil...
Carl Cox is a British house music producer DJ. His illustrious career has seen Carl Cox in multiple club residencies (most notably at Space in Ibiza), have his own "Carl Cox and Friends" stage at several large festivals, and release hundreds of compilations, remixes, and original tracks. In the studio Cox works in Ableton Live, and in the final stages moves his mixes to Pro Tools. When DJing, Cox favors an all-pioneer setup, anchored by a DJM-2000 mixer and CDJ-2000 players. He is also a fan of Traktor and Native Instruments controllers. When not working the decks, Carl Cox is an avid motorcycle rider. He owns and rides several high-end sport bikes. Check out his complete gear list on Equipboard!
Roles: Music Producer
Genres: New Vintage Racer sneakers White Emporio Armani 2UZ5SpKcHY
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Joe Meek SC3 DAD

In this page, he use for Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music.

In this page, he use for Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music.

Joe Meek SC3 DAD
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Audient ASP4816 Compact Analogue Recording Console

In this page, he use for Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music.

Audient ASP4816 Compact Analogue Recording Console
needs review

Native Instruments Maschine

“I use Native Instruments’ Traktor with my MacBook Pro. To control all of thi...

“I use Native Instruments’ Traktor with my MacBook Pro. To control all of this I use a piece of kit called Maschine, which is also from Native Instruments and can be used in two ways - as a sequencer to access drums samples to use live when DJing or as a Midi controller, which is how I use it."

“I can control all four decks on Traktor using Maschine. And when I use this set-up I have the ability to control whatever effects I want to use - delays, filters, flange, whatever, it’s all available to mess around with.”

“I use Maschine to manipulate everything that is inside Traktor - the tunes, the effects, etc. With Maschine I can make a two-bar loop on track A, move on to track B, play the actual record, then add a bassline over it on track C. I can introduce another element on track D, adding delays, effects, changing the whole sound using the controller. Before you know it, you’re creating a whole new remix of a track. It really pushes you to be more creative and there’s a lot more performance involved.”

Native Instruments Maschine

Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

In this page, he use for Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music.

Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer
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Focusrite Red 2

In this page, he use for Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music.

Focusrite Red 2
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Native Instruments FM8 Software Synth

Carl Cox in the studio working with Ableton and Native Instruments FM8 synth.

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Environmental Research Letters

Mark Broich 1 , Matthew Hansen 1 , Fred Stolle 2 , Peter Potapov 1 , Belinda Arunarwati Margono 1 and Bernard Adusei 1

Published 23 February 2011 IOP Publishing Ltd Environmental Research Letters , Volume 6 , Number 1

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1 South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 57007, USA

2 World Resources Institute, Washington, DC 20002, USA


Received 12 October 2010 Accepted 3 February 2011 Published 23 February 2011


Mark Broich et al 2011 Environ. Res. Lett. 6 014010

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The Indonesian islands of Sumatera and Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo) are a center of significant and rapid forest cover loss in the humid tropics with implications for carbon dynamics, biodiversity conservation, and local livelihoods. The aim of our research was to analyze and interpret annual trends of forest cover loss for different sub-regions of the study area. We mapped forest cover loss for 2000–2008 using multi-resolution remote sensing data from the Landsat enhanced thematic mapper plus (ETM +) and moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensors and analyzed annual trends per island, province, and official land allocation zone. The total forest cover loss for Sumatera and Kalimantan 2000–2008 was 5.39Mha, which represents 5.3% of the land area and 9.2% of the year 2000 forest cover of these two islands. At least 6.5% of all mapped forest cover loss occurred in land allocation zones prohibiting clearing. An additional 13.6% of forest cover loss occurred where clearing is legally restricted. The overall trend of forest cover loss increased until 2006 and decreased thereafter. The trends for Sumatera and Kalimantan were distinctly different, driven primarily by the trends of Riau and Central Kalimantan provinces, respectively. This analysis shows that annual mapping of forest cover change yields a clearer picture than a one-time overall national estimate. Monitoring forest dynamics is important for national policy makers, especially given the commitment of Indonesia to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as part of the reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries initiative (REDD +). The improved spatio-temporal detail of forest change monitoring products will make it possible to target policies and projects in meeting this commitment. Accurate, annual forest cover loss maps will be integral to many REDD + objectives, including policy formulation, definition of baselines, detection of displacement, and the evaluation of the permanence of emission reduction.

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